Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Outdoor Inspiration

Those summer nights are callin' - stone in love.  Can't help myself from fallin' - stone in love.

I know summer blogging is S.L.O.W.  We are all so busy enjoying the sunshine that sitting inside reading blogs takes a back seat.  I thought I would share some lovely outdoor inspiration since this is where we are spending most of our days.

We bought this last summer in the black and cream stripe.  It's a start but I haven't really given my full attention to the patio.  The girls like to swim in the evenings while Andrew and I share a cocktail and some conversation.  I need to make the space a priority since the evenings in Houston are so nice. 

all beauty courtesy of Pinterest

Have an amazing day,

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Window Shopping || Small Details

Be in love with your life - every detail of it.
Jack Kerouac

Its the details that make it special.

There is nothing lovelier with a carefree summer updo than a pair of brightly colored chandeliers.

A Clare Vivier monogrammed clutch has been on my wish list for years.  They are all so chic; it is difficult to choose!

How sweet is this tray?  It would be the perfect way to serve a cold glass of lemonade by the pool.

I am a sucker for t-strap sandals.  The pink pom poms add a playful detail.

I was so tempted by these adorable embroidered shorts during my last shopping trip.  As you can see, they are still on my mind.  How cute would they be with a chambray popover?

Have the most beautiful day,

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Fresh Appeal of Celerie

I always find my job exciting because designing interiors is a process of starting afresh, taking risks and giving shape to imagination.
Celerie Kemble

I have been a fan of Celerie Kemble's work for a long time.  I love the way she subtly mixes patterns creating interesting, sophisticated spaces.  So, it was no surprise that the master bedroom she designed for the Hampton Designer Showhouse stopped me in my tracks.

I have been obsessing over canopy beds lately since compiling ideas for Sofia's bedroom.  This calming retreat is such great inspiration.  The chairs upholstered in Schumacher Pyne Hollyhock are my absolute favorite. This fabric has just a touch of femininity without being too precious and mixes well with other prints.

Have the most beautiful day,

Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Style || Racer Tank Dress

Style is something each of us already has.  All we need to do is find it.
Diane von Furstenberg

When the temps hit the upper 90's, it is time to pull out the breeziest of dresses and move as little as possible.  I am not going to kid you or myself that I would walk around town minus my drawers like this flawless beauty, however, I do love the casual ease of a racer tank dress.  Comfort is key but it's always a plus when you can look cute as well.


The Essentials


Have the most beautiful day,

Friday, July 11, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.
Joseph Campbell

While in Cincinnati, I purchased a lamp almost exactly like this for a teeny tiny fraction of the cost at Home Goods.  I delicately carted it home as if it were a fourth child.  I think it will look spectacular on my bar cart.

I am in need of new sunglasses, pronto! My current pair are beyond scratched.  This is what happens when you constantly throw them into your purse without a case. [mental note] I have my eyes on these babies or maybe these.  This will be my year to rock the 1970's lady cop look.

Don't you just love breezy white pieces for summer? I just picked up this adorable skirt for a song a few days ago and can't wait to wear it.  The heat in Houston is no joke.

I have made a promise to slow down on the design books this summer.  I have several I haven't even cracked open!  Once fall arrives, this the first book on my wish list.  Anything titled "The Chamber of Curiosity" has to be major, right?!

We just returned from a 17 hour drive, you guys.  I don't expect a medal or anything but I did quietly give myself a pat on the back and a "you are awesome" when I pulled into the driveway safely. Therefore, I will be wearing these and a tank the entire weekend while taking random naps. Peace out until Monday!

Have a most beautiful weekend!


Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Sexiest of Chairs

Collect things you love, that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story.
Erin Flett

I have a photographer coming very soon to shoot my home for the website.  Guys, I am pretty freakin' excited|nervous about it.  I have been stalking Ebay and 1st Dibs since November in hopes of finding the perfect pair of Milo Baughman swivel chairs to complete our living room.  I have a mad crush on everything designed by this mid century genius.  These gems are my ultimate dream. They meet all the requirements - swivel, rock, gold platform and channel backed goodness.

I have wavered between new and vintage since the beginning.  Buying new would be much easier choose, pay and wait.  But something kept telling me the character of vintage just cannot be replicated.  These babies recently arrived recently and I am loving everything about them.  I was taken with the over-the-top sculptural lines as well as the fact they were a bit larger than the typical petite vintage swivel.  I will eventually have them reupholstered but the existing 1980's fabric is pretty cool.  I will leave them as-is for the photo shoot.  There are no original tags so I have no idea about the designer which is a real bummer. I will have to satisfy my Milo desires with another piece.  Perhaps brass framed dining room chairs? ;)

Have a beautiful day,

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Snake Charmer

Real style is never right or wrong.  It is a matter of being yourself on purpose.
G. Bruce Boyer

Call me girly, but snakes freak me out.  Before Andrew and I were married, we went on an extended camping trip where we visited Antelope Canyon in Arizona.  It is a magical place where, I am certain, a unicorn or two might reside.  Before our trek, we were cautioned  that rattlesnakes like to come into the canyon to avoid the harsh sunlight and might strike.  You have never seen someone run so fast!  

I prefer my snakes on home accents or fashion, thank you very much.  Their sculptural lines make for an interesting statement piece.  I have tried on these sandals the last three summers.  Maybe this is finally the year!

Have a beautiful day,


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