Thursday, October 30, 2014

Boho Ballet Bedroom

Design is thinking made visual.
Saul Bass

My toughest client yet is anxiously awaiting the inspiration board for her bedroom.  My daughter, Sofie, has requested a big girl room with white walls, a few pink accents and dancer art.  I am envisioning something bright and airy with lots of personality like her.  

The space is currently turquoise with yellow drapes and a confused mess of furniture, including a misplaced love seat that has no home. { Hi, my name is Lisa and I am a furniture hoarder. }  I have started compiling ideas to focus on a direction.  Like I said, she is tough which is why her room has been untouched. At this point, she has only approved the white paint.   I am a little nervous for my client meeting this afternoon.  Wish me luck! 


Have a beautiful day!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Hi, Style || Fall Uniform

I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.
L.M. Montgomery

It's finally feeling a bit like fall - and by bit, I mean a brisk 83 degrees in Houston. Ha!  Even after five years, it still feels odd to wear shorts in late October.  Although, this year we have a trip planned to Charleston and I can barely contain my excitement!  I love, love Charleston and can't wait to show my family around this lovely area.  Also, the weather will be appropriately chilly, so we can wear our jeans and sweaters comfortably.  

Once the weather breaks around here, a variation of this is pretty much my uniform until spring.  I do like that I can almost always get away with a blazer or sweater instead of a bulky coat during the winter months.  I just bought these adorable boots {Dear Zappos, I truly love you...} and cannot wait to wear them.  They are the perfect fall addition to my wardrobe.  What kind of clothes do you wear once the cooler air arrives?

Have a beautiful day!
L x

Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy Weekend!

My swimsuit told me to go to the gym.  But my sweatpants were like, nah girl, you're good!

Style || With an anniversary and Christmas right around the corner, Andrew and I usually trade wishlists.  It is much easier than trying to guess, because let's face it - once you're an adult you can get what you want for yourself.  I try to keep my list of beautiful things down to items that I would love to have, but would never buy myself.  This clutch fits the criteria.  How elegantly chic is this baby? 

Fashion || J. Crew and I just get each other on a spiritual level.  From cozy to sophisticated, they have it all. These cuffs are so simple, classic and sculptural - the trifecta of perfection.  

Decorate || My little Sofia has been asking for a room re-decoration for about a year now.  She is a tween now and wants a bright, artsy space.  As of this moment, this chandelier is the only firm decision I have made.  {Sofia has proven to be my toughest client yet - sigh.}  The price is amazing and it has sparkle and interest.

Art || If you follow me on Instagram, you know I just purchased this print for our powder room.  I absolutely love it!  They look great against the cream leopard wallpaper.  It is a photo from 1964 that was taken to introduce a new swimsuit called the "monokini".  Apparently, it became quite popular in Europe but failed in the US. {no surprise there}. I had Bela with me at the framers and she went into this "stand-up" act regarding the nudity.  I told her it was art and she could take it up with her therapist when she grows up.  The framer was so amused, he gave the work on the house!  ** We are thinking if taking our act on the road. **

Yum || This delicious idea popped up on my Pinterest feed this week.  We are such a hot cocoa family. Snuggles and cavities are such a perfect idea while watching our annual Christmas movies [which, I see, are beginning on November 1st this year!  What the heck?!].

Have a relaxing weekend, friends.
L x

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Lip Service

Act as young as you feel. You're not getting older; you're getting more entitled to be your 
fabulous self.  
Gwen Stefani

I grew up with the tunes of No Doubt and have always admired Gwen Stefani's fearless and original style. As she has gotten older, she has taken her creative eye to a whole new level.  Her look of high-end sophistication mixed with bad ass rocker is amazing.  I have enjoyed her chic looks and engaging charm on this season of The Voice and know she and I would be instant shopping friends.

Along with her chic fashion sense, I love her signature bold lip and nails.  It has me thinking of the upcoming holiday festivities and my need for a new look.  Do you ever get so tired of looking at your same face in the mirror and feel need you need a little something? A bold, juicy lipstick is the perfect, affordable way to perk up a look.

So good.

I rounded up some of my favorite happy shades, sure to put a pep in your step as only a new tube of lipstick can.  I just ordered the luscious Chanel for Andrew's office Christmas party.  No idea at all what I am actually wearing - but my lips will look fabulous!

Have a colorful day!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hi, Style || Loren Hope Look Book

Jewelry takes people's minds off your wrinkles.
Sonja Henie

Oh man, I love a good look book.  If done well, it really is a great way to inspire you to buy lots and lots of product.  Mission accomplished Loren Hope! I could not stop staring at Loren Hope's FW214 edition.  The jewelry, as always, is stunning.  But it is also the brilliant styling - the clothing combinations, hair and nails {loving the blue!}.  I would buy not only the jewels, but also every gorgeous outfit.  It doesn't hurt that the model is absolutely flawless.  Hello, beautiful!

With the holidays right around the corner, I thought I would put together a list of my favorite pieces. You know, [ahem - hint, hint] just in case someone is struggling for some ideas.  I love that their gems are versatile enough to be worn day or night and the prices are moderate.  

Have a sparkly day!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy Weekend!

I don't think I need buns of steel.  I'd be happy with buns of cinnamon.
Ellen DeGeneres

I cannot believe we are already in the middle of October.  We are so busy here, the days are just blurring by.  There is a lot to be excited about in Casa McGough.  This weekend is my daughter's first homecoming dance and I think I may be a touch more excited.  I can't wait to see her all fancied up with her date having this special experience. [bittersweet tear rolling down my cheek].  My mom is coming for a visit next week where we will be celebrating her birthday.  The longer we are away from family, the more we appreciate these visits.  What do you have going on?

Shop || I cannot believe I am saying this, but I have started Christmas shopping.  I try to get most of it out of the way before December because it is sardine can crowded around here and gets much worse the closer to the holidays.  While, internet surfing I found this adorable tee for a friend.  

Art || If you live near Houston, the Monet exhibit will be coming to MFAH on October 26th. I can't wait to see it.  Claude Monet was my first artist crush in high school {just a few years ago}. You should swing by for a little Impressionism and some lunch.

Blog || I have been engrossed in the One Room Challenge for the last few weeks.  I am floored by the amount of stellar talent out there!  Let's face it - there is nothing more exciting than seeing a complete room overhaul from the comfort of your own drywall dust-free home. :)

Art || Yep, I did it.  I just ordered this awesome print for our powder room.  I think it is major cool and plan on ordering myself this very suit for next summer [not really...]. My daughters will eventually get used to nude art, right?!

Beauty || I love the look of a bright, matte lip for colder months.  I have been dying to get over to Sephora to check them out.  I have my eye on this and that.

Have a super awesome weekend!
xo, L

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Inspiring Interiors

I had lunch with a fellow decorating pal last week where we discussed some ins and outs, ups and downs of being a business owner in a creative field.  We agreed even when you have amazing clients, fun projects, and an ass load of ideas, there are still moments of frustration and self-doubt.  Is this where I am supposed to be?  Do I have enough creativity to run this marathon?

I had been feeling a bit of a creative drought lately.  You always want to knock it out of the park for a client, but it takes time to be inspired and re-charge.  As if on que, I came across a stunning room on Pinterest. The photo led me to Raji RM and Associates, an interior design firm based in DC and New York where each project was more beautiful than the last.  Raji and her team create bright, modern spaces using sculptural, mixed era furniture (so much outstanding mid century modern!) and dramatic art pieces.  In fact, you can purchase these impactful murals on their website.  

I cannot tell you how exciting it is to find a designer where you have a definite style connection.  It is inspiring to see other creative minded people taking their craft to the highest level. So, am I where I am supposed to be?  Absolutely!  I cannot imagine doing anything else.

Have a beautiful day.
xo, L

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