Friday, September 19, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Why fit in when you where born to stand out?
Dr. Seuss

Another week has gone by crazy fast.  What is going on?!  It is still lower 90's|100% humidity here but my Midwest heart keeps telling me it should be sweater weather already.  :| this is my unamused face.  In between client work, I did manage to book a little fall getaway for the family and begin the process of something big in my life which I'll tell you about another time.  You don't  have time to hear about that.  You have an awesome weekend to enjoy! :)

Details || Oooh, I LOVE leopard and I love phone covers!  I just purchased this little beauty [which is on sale, btw] yesterday.  I also had my eye on this one.  So chic!

Fashion || Who can resist a sale?  Anthropologie is having a pretty good one.  I am all over this, that and this.

Playlist || I tire of music pretty quickly which is why I am pretty pissed at the Cloud for loading my playlist with every single impulse purchase I have ever made.  I really need to figure out how to break up with this bossy feature.  In the meantime, I will be enjoying this little ditty from the amazing Meghan Trainor.

Inspired || Jenna Lyons is just so beautiful and inspiring.  I love everything about her personal and decorating style.  She also has a healthy philosophy on beauty which is refreshing in our society of perfectionism.  I was over the moon to read about her routine and take in these stunning photos. Ahhh, all that fantastic art!

Yum || We are all about Pumpkin Spice everything in our home during fall.  The best is a bagel with Philly pumpkin spice cream cheese.  SO good!  If you haven't tried it, run to the grocery.  I just found this treasure trove of recipes including this yummy treat and thought I would share. You are welcome!

In closing, let me hop up on my soapbox for a sec.  I want to address the recent Porter interview with Martha Stewart.  I want to begin by saying Martha was the beginning of homemaking, cooking and decorating for me.  In my eyes, she was the epitome of home perfection. I first started watching her show in 2000 when my first daughter was born.  Isabela and I would cuddle in, she with her breast milk, me with my mint tea.  It was our comforting morning ritual.  It is so disappointing for me to read the ridiculous and negative opinions Martha shared about Gwyneth Paltrow and Blake Lively. As a successful female entrepreneur herself, one would think she would be encouraging of others. There is more than enough room in this world for everyone to shine.  I guess I didn't get the memo - are we limited to having only one career per lifetime? Must we stay in our chosen lane and not grow, learn and reach for new goals?  When women succeed, they inspire other women to do the same. Also: 1) Speaking of yourself in third person is tacky and egotistical.  2) Openly showing how threatened you are by other strong business-minded women just shows sad insecurities.

Have a beautiful weekend,

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Still Crushing || Jean-Louis Deniot

A person with a real flair is a gambler at heart.
Billy Baldwin

It is so inspiring to see a person take their creativity to it's highest level.  I feel Jean-Louis Deniot is absolutely one of the most talented interior designers of our time. I am constantly surprised and impressed by his dramatic designs. He successfully marries traditional architectural elements with modern, sculptural furnishings creating sophisticated spaces that take on an artistic quality.  

I am so excited that his book will be released on September 30th.  I cannot wait to adore|drool|admire|swoon|applaud what I know will be a plethora of inspiration.

Dramatic perfection.

I love the sharp edges of the wall sculpture paired with the softness of the tufted headboard.

Modern sleek and warm traditional.

Absolutely my favorite kitchen of all time!


Have a glamorous day,

Friday, September 12, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Above all, be the heroine in your own life, not the victim.
Nora Ephron

It has been a blur of a week  filled with work, school and pounds of tissues.  There is a nasty virus blowing through our area that is methodically making it's way through our casa. There is nothing like illness to bring your quest to take over the world to a screeching halt.  It is supposed to rain here all weekend.  I am looking forward to snuggling in with soup and movies.  What are your plans?  Anything fun?

Fashion || I am not normally drawn to black but have purchased several pieces in the last month.  
I'm not sure what that says about my current mood. Ha!  I am drooling over this faux-leather sweater and think it must be in my closet.

Inspired || We are in the midst of putting my design site together.  I have little patience for technology, so it has been s.l.o.w going.  I was blown away by Nick Olsen's new-ish website showcasing his abundant talent.  I!

Home || Rugs USA is having a major sale.  We need a new rug for our kitchen since our dog decided to use our old as a toilet. :-| My two finalists are this and that.

Kicks || To me, the color burgundy is synonymous with fall.  I have been wanting a pair of pumps in this rich color.  These have me wrapped around their little finger.

Interesting || I love Vogue's 73 Questions series and the interview with Anna Wintour did not disappoint.  Her answers were charming but it was her office that had me so enamored.  It is the classically elegant, feminine and overflowing with delicious art.

Have a beautiful weekend,

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dope Art

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.
Edgar Degas

I had the pleasure of lunching with two fellow decorators yesterday.  Between entrées and fortune cookies, we shared resources, stories and tips about the work we love.  One thing we all agreed on was the challenge of sourcing the right art for clients.  Art is so personal and really needs to speak to you.  

One of my favorite places to find amazing pieces is Tappan Collective.  It is inspiring how much talent is featured on that site.  It is no secret that I love unusual, quirky photography.  My favorite are humans because I think there is nothing more beautiful.  They offer a plethora of fine pieces in every medium at various sizes and price points. You are sure to find something magical to gaze upon on the daily.

[Hmm...I went to school with a Chris Cox.  I wonder if.....]

Have a day filled with beauty,

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hi, Style || Biker Chic

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.
Marilyn Monroe

Don't you love when a deal of the century falls right into your lap?!  Sofia and I were out for a little window shopping this weekend and, on a whim, took a quick peek in DSW.  I promised I would just breeze through the clearance section and then we would be on our way.  I found these beyond adorable booties which were already marked down considerably and with the addition of my rewards coupon, I got them for $10!!!!  Can you believe that?!  

I have been wanting a pair of biker boots for a while and these are a great way to begin fall.  I love a casual boot paired with skinny jeans or leggings.  My usual cold weather uniform consists of jeans, riding boots and a blazer.  These new boots will give me some bad ass street cred among my decorator friends. ;)

Casual and classy

I put together a list of Stroke of Luxe favorites for the new season.  I think they each have sass and personality.  I am especially smitten with #4.  Who knows - maybe I'll buy a hog next...or at least a Vespa! 

clockwise from top || one.two.three.four.five.six

Peace out,

Friday, September 5, 2014

Happy Weekend!

Enjoy it.  Because it's happening.
Stephen Chbosky

Fashion || I am drawn to clothing with special little details.  I just ordered this adorable shoulder zip sweater with the even more adorable price.  It will be perfect with skinnies and sneakers once the weather November. :|

Crush || I have been following Kapito Muller Interiors on IG since I joined [@kapitomullerinterior]. Their fresh, chic aesthetic always gets me.  As always, I was amazed by the apartment they designed featured in Rue this month.

Shopping || Oh, Kelly Wearstler.  Why must you tempt me?  I love Kelly's edgy style and finding some of her jewelry pieces on sale makes for a happy day. I think I need this and that.

Tunes || I have been listening to a lot of remix action lately.  I really like the beat of this little mash-up.

Details || Aren't these bulbs amazing?!  They would take a modern chandelier like this to a whole other level.  My wheels are turning.....

Have a beautiful weekend,

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Design Within Reach Lust List

Never wish you hadn't taken your vision right to the end.  Make a bold statement.
Roger Banks-Pye

While having my daughter's birthday dinner last month, I realized that Design Within Reach had moved in right next door to the restaurant.  Let me mention, this is in an area I shop all the time. Uh oh. This could be highly inspiring or highly dangerous.  I am crazy for mid century design and am not above hanging in their store, drooling all over the furniture.  

I have compiled a lust list of some of the most fab things your eyes have seen in a long time. Be prepared because all this beauty at once might hurt a little.  Let's begin with Big Daddy - the ultimate in mid century loungers.  This chair says, "I'm highly successful but too cool to care". It is a classic investment piece and will remain on my wishlist until I am an old broad with knees too bad to actually use it.

Modo || This chandelier is part industrial|part glam which is why it is so perfectly perfect for my dining room.

Drum || The fact that this side table is shiny and gold is reason enough to make my list.  It is clean and simple but has tons of drama.  It also comes in a coffee table which is equally as beautiful. Although, it's side table(s) or coffee table - never both.

Satellite || I give you my word - I will work my little fingers to the bone to have these sconces in my home this year.  I am all about the sputnik style chandelier but have never seen it in a sconce before. Wow!

Barcelona || Anything named Barcelona has to be sexy.  This streamlined, masculine daybed is a must-have when you need to fill a large space but don't want to impede your fabulous view.

Platner || While I would LOVE a set for my kitchen, I would also settle for just one fantastic accent chair.  The design has so much personality and pairs well with any style furniture. Oh, and did I mention you can have it upholstered in mohair.

Have a beautiful day,


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