Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Brass & Marble Tables

"Every one's home should be as different as their personality and their history."  
~ Carolyn Westbrook

There are trends and then there are classics.  When my daughters were very young, my mom would give them a word of the day (as she did when I was young).  The first word she chose was classic.  "Classic means it will never go out of style.  An example of classic is red lipstick."  she told them.

I feel marble is a true classic element.  It is at home in any style space whether it be modern or traditional.  What I love most is the soft movement of the veining within the stone.  Each piece is completely unique and special.  I truly do not understand the hesitance in using marble in a home. Whether it be counters or furniture, it's allure is second to none.  Yes, it requires a bit more care and thought, but it's so worth it.  Life is short.  Why not choose to surround yourself with something that makes you weak in the knees?
 Since beginning our patio project 2013, I have been obsessing over marble and brass {another classic} coffee tables.  I have been trolling ebay and thrift stores looking for a beaten up deal.  This has, of course, brought me to the higher priced versions as well which are too gorgeous for words.  Let's take a moment to soak up the beauty....

This table in Caitlin Wilson's living room is the ultimate.  A simple marble top + brass + faux bamboo = perfection!  It's like a hot fudge sundae with all the toppings!  On another note, I believe this might be the happiest room I have ever seen.


Have the best day ever!


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    1. Why, thank you Ross. Have a great day! :-)


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