Friday, May 3, 2013

Little Luxuries // Sandals!

"I have too much swag with these socks and sandals on...said no one ever."  ~ Unknown

I love sandals!  I would wear them every single day if I could. Living in the Midwest, you could keep your sunny shoes for many years because they come out of hiding for only three months.  Now that we are living in a predominately warm state, one is lucky to keep them one year.  If I must buy many pairs of sandals to get by....then I must!

I have been on a sandal buying spree lately and I lay full blame on genetics...and Sam Edelman. My great-grandmother was known to be an espadrille queen and my mom hasn't met a shoe she didn't like.  I have shoes in my closet that are so uncomfortable, I can't make it from closet to car.  However, I can't bring myself to part with them because they are so pretty.  

1.  This heel screams, "Let's party!"  The gold, navy and red basket weave create a fun, evening shoe.   I would wear this with jeans, a navy tank and some chandelier earrings.  These shoes and I had a chat and they would like to take me out for margaritas and dancing.  Sounds like fun, pretty shoes!

2.  These leopard beauties are now residing comfortably on my feet.  How shockingly predictable I am!  If it's leopard, I'm down with it.  Adding to this that it's a  t-strap, well there is no question I would want it.  I live in this style sandal all year long.  They are super cute and comfy.  You would think being 5'2", I would be investing in some wedges.  At the end of the day, there is just no getting around comfort.
3.  Well, hello neon cuties!  These are the perfect bumming around town shoes.  You can never have too many flips flops and the bright, cheery colors are summer perfect!  Pair with white jeans, a pink tshirt and high ponytail and you are ready for some Saturday afternoon fun!

4.  Tory Burch always, always has a place on my wish list.  I absolutely adore everything about these stunners.  Let's see....t-strap, check..neutral, check....and a little sparkle, check!  The issue I have is they are pricey for a basic, everyday shoe.  This is why they are featured on my wish list.  I could never buy them myself....but would gladly accept them as a gift {eyelashes batting}. ;-)

5.  Casual enough for daytime and providing some much needed height?  That is a win/win in my book! These saucy wedge heels could be worn with a sundress or shorts and a blazer.  I really dig the woven braiding in the center.  Not to mention, they too, are Sam Edelman's which always has a place in my heart and on my feet!

Have the best weekend ever!

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