Thursday, May 16, 2013

Room Service // Le Mathurin Paris

"America is my country and Paris is my hometown."  ~ Gertrude Stein

I have found myself dreaming of Paris lately.  Even though Andrew and I only spent two days there, the memory has been lovingly placed in the forefront of my mind.  My eyes were drinking in every detail of the brasseries, architecture and locals.  We managed to cover much ground during our short visit, seeing the major landmarks.  One thing we didn't do that is a major desire is to shop the flea markets. I know that one day I will be back to, once again, take in the magic of this special city -- and score some major treasures!

 When we go back, I would like to stay at the Le Mathurin Paris.  It is a fabulous boutique hotel located in the heart of Paris. I just love the individuality and intimacy of a boutique hotel.  There is an eclectic freedom the designer has that doesn't exist in the homogenized hotel chains.  To be perfectly honest, I would be willing to sleep on a park bench in order to visit the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and Notre Dam. But since I am day dreaming, why not rest my sightseeing bones within this magnificence?  Enjoy the splendor!

I hope you are having the best week ever!


  1. Start my Friday off by day-dreaming of Paris? Yes, please! Just need a macaron to go with my paint brush!

    1. It is a great way to start the day! :-)


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