Thursday, May 9, 2013

Stunning Simplicity + Currently Listening

"Inspiration and genius-one and the same." ~ Victor Hugo

Do you ever see a photo that just stops you in your tracks?  You drink up every single detail and could stare at it for hours.  I just had to share some pictures from Devon Radziwill's apartment featured in Vogue.  I  love her chic, no-fuss style of decorating.  I was stunned by the simple beauty of this coffee table shot.  First of all, you could throw a bouquet of peonies on a pile of cow dung and it's gorgeous to me.  Moving on--I love the clean simplicity of the coffee table and how the books and accessories are displayed giving each a feel of importance.  Not to mention the oh so gorgeous zebra rug....


Here is a little song I have been enjoying lately. A little music for your listening pleasure.......

I hope you are having the best week ever!

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