Monday, June 17, 2013

Campaign Chic

"I believe in plenty of optimism and white paint."  ~ Elsie de Wolfe

My oldest daughter has been in need of a nightstand or two for years now.  We have been rotating old, unused tables in her room, none of which are an asset to her room.  I finished decorating her space two.years.ago and knew that was all that she needed.  It is amazing how easily you can get sidetracked and completely forget about these little things.  During bedtime kisses I remember that I need to begin the search and then *poof!* the thought is gone by morning.  Unbelievable!

I am completely obsessed with Campaign style furniture and knew I wanted to use that type of night table.  I  I am drawn to the strength of the sharp, defined lines paired with a bright, unexpected color--also brass hardware makes everything better in my book.  She has a girly white bed and a faux bamboo dresser and I thought this vintage trunk style would be a nice mix.  


I have been trying to decide if I want to buy a vintage piece like a few of these gems I found on Etsy...

...or buy an Ikea Rast and do a fabulous hack?  I have been aching to do a DIY project, so this might be perfect.  I already know I want to paint it glossy magenta with gold hardware.  I just need to decide which avenue to take.  Hmm......

Have the best day ever!


  1. I'd go vintage all the way! They just don't make furniture like they used to, and with vintage you know you are getting solid wood and a quality-made product that will stand the test of time. Just my two cents! :) I love that magenta!!

    The Glam Pad

    1. I agree Andrea. The vintage pieces are a better investment. I haven't had much luck with Ikea, but I see some of the fab things people are doing and it makes me want to DIY!

  2. Whatever you choose will be so chic alors!!!! I still don't have Ryan's room finished and it's driving me bonkers. It's painted but still need window coverings and a light. Where does the time go?

  3. Lol! Thanks girl. I know, it's so easy to forget all about the projects when life gets in the way!


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