Friday, June 21, 2013

Little Luxuries // Hopelessly Devoted to J. Crew

"Fashion fades, style is eternal."  ~ Yves Saint Laurent

I will admit I have tried unsuccessfully to shake the hold of this brilliantly styled store.  While living in Cincinnati, I was feeding a full-fledged J. Crew addiction.  We had just one which is located in the most chic mall in the city.  This fancy schmancy mall was my girl date go-to whenever I had an evening away from the babies.  It was nice to shower off the poo, put on some nice duds and feel like 'Lisa" for a few hours.  We would catch up over dinner and undoubtedly end the evening shopping for some J. Crew beauty.  

Over the years, my devotion has peaked and lulled, but always remained constant.  J. Crew is continuously moving forward and improving their take on classic styles with an edge.  While browsing some of their latest summer fashions, it occurred to me that I could find almost everything needed for a short vacation.  How is that for one-stop shopping?!

The Sun Bather

The Tourist

The Social Butterfly

Have the best weekend ever!

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