Sunday, June 2, 2013

Little Luxuries // Summer Whites

"Summertime and the living is easy."  ~  "Porgy & Bess" [1935]

I am sorry for the lazy posting schedule lately.  It is the end of the school year for us and we have been busy with many, many end of the year festivities.  We are looking forward to a relaxing summer filled to the brim with trips, loved ones and plenty of fun in the sun.

Summer in Texas is quite different than we are used to.  Houston has been called a three-pantie town.  Upon stepping from your refreshing air conditioning into the soaking humidity, you will surely need a complete change of clothes. I love the heat but find myself trying to find the breeziest of fashions for the summer months.  White is the signature color of summer and I cannot get enough.  White is elegant, chic and simple and shows off a tan beautifully.  My obsession began innocently enough with my white skinny jeans which have quickly become a wardrobe staple.  Since then, I have been buying everything in this pure color to wear this summer.  I am currently on the look out for the perfect white sundress like this little beauty Olivia Palermo is wearing.  Do you have any white summer staples?

In a word.....perfection.





Have the best week ever!


  1. I used to associate wearing all white with sorority functions where it was mandatory and I hated it. To this day I can't even entertain the idea of having a pair of white shoes. However, I'm slowly getting used to white and am always jealous of Charity who pulls white-on-white off perfectly! I do have that Buxom shade of lipgloss, called Debbie, and it's a perfect pink-coral shade for summer. Great summer picks!

    1. I know what you mean. I grew up with strict rules that you can only wear white between Memorial and Labor Day. In Texas, people wear white all year long. It takes getting used to.
      Charity does have great style. I especially like the her white nails. :-)
      PS Don't you just love those Buxom shades?!


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