Saturday, June 8, 2013

Little Luxuries// Warm Weather Grub

"The greatest wealth is health."  ~ Virgil

By the time summer gets here, I am in dinner burnout mode.  Making several versions of a meal [thanks to some picky eaters] leaves me void of ideas and motivation.  Enter summer! All the fresh produce [and the fact I have to wear a swimsuit] inspires me to make lighter, easier meals.  Pinterest is an amazing resource for ideas.  The delicious photography and simple recipes are making my stomach growl!  These are some yummy treats that have caught my eye.  What are some of your summer go-to meals?

What is better than strawberry shortcake?  Um...nothing.  It is just the right amount of sweet and airy goodness.  It is also an ideal light dessert after the heavy fixins' of a barbecue.  Strawberries are in season, so this is the time to take advantage of this juicy produce perfection.

I have always wanted to make our own pizza.  We have yet to find a delicious pizza joint in Houston and frankly, it's sad.  Our grocery store just started selling raw dough and I am thinking a pizza party is in order.  This healthy version looks absolutely mouth-watering.  Pair this with a glass of chilled white and you've got yourself a winner [plus the wine will help the kids sleep all night!]. ;-)

I can put a serious hurt on a helping of chips and guacamole.  If you eat enough, it really is the perfect meal with a margarita.  This salad has all the flavorful ingredients of guac, without the calories of those blasted chips!

 My kids will eat just about anything if it is encased in a tortilla.  Why not try a little fruit?! This recipe sounds delish thanks to the combination of juicy nectarine and zippy jalapeno.  Of course, the heat will have to be replaced for the little ones, but I like the general idea.  You could really use any cheese, fruit and heat combination to make it your own.

Anything by Ina Garten is golden in my book.  I made this sandwich a few years ago and it was a big hit.  I did replace the goat cheese with cream cheese though.  Goat cheese tastes like the smell of a nasty gym locker to that will not make it on our sandwich....ever. This time I may use blue cheese.  Mmmm!

 I just tried kale this year as it's kind of the "vegetable of the moment".  I love the bitterness and crunch.  My friend Charity made a simple kale, avocado and lemon juice salad and I thought I would give it a whirl.  It was so good!  Andrew and I ate every bite. So, this baby really caught my eye because I love a salad with a lot of stuff.  It's also perfect because the protein of the chicken and chickpeas will help it stay with you.  I LOVE a good salad but find I am hungry again within an hour.  This kind of defeats the purpose of healthy eating . :-)

Have the best day ever!


  1. You're making my mouth water! Everything looks delicious!

    1. I know, right?! My mom is here for two weeks. I am going to make all these yummy recipes.

  2. That kale salad looks delish! I would love the recipe!

    The Glam Pad

    1. Hi Andrea,
      It does look yummy! I'm going to make it this week. The recipes for all are linked for each. The kale salad is linked to the word "baby" in the paragraph above the pic. Let me know what you think after you make it!


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