Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Art of Styling

"After the design is firmly fixed, the decoration is added.  Decorating is the final enhancement."  ~ Albert Hadley

When I was a little girl, my mom would often re-arrange my bedroom.  Even then, I appreciated the fresh perspective achieved from just moving items around in a new and exciting way. Once we were done, I would sit happily on my bed looking around and feeling that I had a brand new room.  That feeling can make my day.

I now try to only buy things I absolutely love but become bored quickly with accessories, so I move them around quite a bit. This has become my way of getting that much needed design fix and not taking out a second mortgage.  I am currently looking for inspiration to change up our entry table.  The hallway is filled is now with various lamps, books and items of beauty.  When I go through this process, I cannot tell you how many times I say, "Wow!  I forgot I had that."  It is fun to move things from room to room and let them bring a new personality into that space.

I love the story created in this photo. It evokes the feeling of an oh so chic, stylish woman who enjoys  feminine luxuries, high fashion and an active social schedule.  I love that interior design can inspire a feeling or attitude with the combination of certain special items.  I would love to work as a set designer for this very reason.  What fun to be able to create spaces around the traits of a character.

This entry is one of my all-time faves due largely to the bold hot pink walls. The pops of high-gloss black against this ultra-fem color give the space balance and keep it from looking too precious.  I would do this in a second if Andrew would go for it.  It is a risk but so happy and cheerful!

This entry, in general, is one of the most chic I have ever laid eyes on!  I am crazy about the mix of patterns and elements used.  The table is large enough that it can hold many items without looking too cluttered.  Granted most people do not have a foyer of this size, but I think aspects of this space can be used to create this high-end urban feel.  


Have the best day ever!

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