Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Summer Dinner Party

"The ultimate luxury is an intimate dinner party with good friends, great food and interesting conversation."  ~ Oscar de la Renta

My mom recently told me of an interesting friend she met.  The woman is going through a rough divorce and has made herself busy creating a social circle for herself.  She knew only a few women in her neighborhood but decided she needed friends.  So, she invited these ladies for an evening of cocktails and asked each to bring a friend or two.  What a brilliant idea!  

It got me thinking that we have been living here four years now and know very few people. Life takes hold and you find yourself so busy with carpooling kids and working that you forget the fun of socializing.  This idea has inspired me to have a little summertime shindig for the few outstanding couples we do know. Each couple will  be asked to invite one other fun couple they know and *voila!* instant party!

Andrew has been known to whip up some awesome Mexican grub. I am not going to lie -- his enchiladas have won us friends in the past.  I don't think there is anything wrong with pimping out his skills for the fun of a party, right?!  Once our schedule slows down, I will definitely be putting this evening of fun together.



No Mexican fiesta would be complete without a pitcher or two of killer margaritas.  I left Boston in 2001 and still have not had a margarita as delicious as the many Andrew and I consumed at Cactus Club.  Here is a favorite recipe of mine that I hope to make many times this summer. Enjoy!

The Platinum Marg
2 oz. Sauza Hornitos (100% blue agave)
1 oz. triple sec
fresh lime juice
lemonade shake all ingredients 
serve with fresh lime wedge

Have the best day ever!


  1. a good 'rita ;) and mexican ;) pimp him out girllllllll

    1. You know it's not a party without the Little's! Expect a call in August. :-)

  2. This is such a fun idea. When we were first married we had moved to PA and I knew no one- so I literally sent out an invite to all the ladies on my block for an afternoon tea party and ended up meeting the most precious group of ladies through that.

  3. That is a great idea Amanda. That is something I probably should have done years ago. :-)


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