Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Blogger Swoon // Aprés Fête

"Ask not what your country can do for you.  Ask what's for lunch."  ~Orson Welles

I love when I come across a blog that opens me up to something new.  It is old news in my house that I am struggling with fresh dinner ideas.  When I was first married and had babies, I made a conscious decision to be as "Martha Stewart" as possible.  Baking bread, scouring cookbooks and creating meals that took hours to prepare. Inevitably, I burned myself out.  Fast forward to present and I find myself glazed over and overwhelmed in the grocery store.  After making dinners for so many years, I have lost my desire to cook. However, it is important that we have dinner each night together.  I feel strongly that the family table creates a strong foundation for the kids.  I know many of my best childhood memories lie here.

 I was on one of my favorite sites, Domaine, and came across an article featuring Annie Campbell's beautiful blog, Aprѐs Fête.  I was immediately taken with her style of cooking. The food is fresh, colorful and mouth watering.  The photography is beautiful and makes you want to attend each and every party and devour everything on the menu.   While I can't decide which recipe to try first, she did have me at the chicken mole, avocado and crema tacos. Thank you Annie, for inspiring me to cook something new for my family.  If you need a taste tester.....CALL ME! :-)

Have the best day ever!


  1. Lisa, I am so flattered and thrilled that you enjoy ApresFete so much!! It makes me so happy to hear that the Bastille Day post inspired you to cook--that's the whole point. Stay tuned for more recipes on my site. Wishing you a great summer filled with parties and easy cooking. Maybe once or twice a week is a great goal to avoid burnout! And keep it simple! Summer is the best time of year to let good ingredients---corn, tomatoes, lettuces--do all of the work for you. And dinner on the grill makes for little clean-up. Thank you so much for the huge compliments. xx Annie

    1. You are so welcome, Annie! Thanks for the tips. My hubby will be thrilled with the new recipes. :-)


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