Thursday, July 18, 2013

On My Mind // July

Since the beginning of my blog, I have been doing a weekly post called "Little Luxuries". Honestly, it has become difficult to create a weekly list of things I genuinely love.  I am changing this to a monthly post featuring all the things I am loving for that month. 

I recently scored this beyond adorable polka dot schoolboy blazer and can't wait to wear it!  I thought it would look great with jeans and pumps or a a pencil skirt and pearls.  I have an addiction for stripes but dots run a close second.  It is such a happy pattern; don't you think?

I am the queen of the topknot and have passed it down to my girls.  As much as I would like to wear my hair down, it is just too dang hot! During these sweltering months, this is my go-to hairstyle.  I have been wearing a basic topknot for years, so I have started mixing it up a bit with a braid.  It says, "Hey, I am chic without trying too hard."  

While in Florida, I purchased two large framed white sea fans.  They are so delicate and beautiful.  I have been looking for years since I spied some at an antique store in Charleston.  They can be quite expensive so I was happy that mine were quite the deal.  I think they will be right at home in our living room.

I am stupid crazy for Teil Duncan's artwork.  She is so talented.  I love the surreal, magical quality of her paintings.  I was certain I would purchase one of the nudes for our entry and then she introduced her beach series.  Her color palette is cheerful and uplifting - just like the beach itself.  I just can't decide!

I have been wearing this snappy pink lipstick this summer.  It is a bright, happy color that looks great with minimal makeup and a sunless tan. It also fancies up my sloppy bun. ;-)

I am currently reading "The Paris Wife" and can't put it down.  I find Ernest Hemingway fascinating and EH in Paris is just too delicious to pass up!  I  am going to say something I shouldn't.  I don't care for his writing (I know, I know...he was a literary genius and all).  I find him as a person so much more interesting and have two biographies about his years after his marriage to Hadley.  So, this book has me riveted because I knew nothing of her.  Even though it is fictional yet based on true events, Paula McClain does a great job at bringing Hadley to life.

I am obsessed with this rad Tory Burch  navy suede and leather combination satchel.  I have been looking for a bag to carry paperwork and samples to client meetings.  Why not carry something spectacular?  Navy is my favorite color and the different textures make it unique.  Tory, meet my wishlist. :-)

Have the best weekend ever!


  1. Glad your turning into a monthly post... I try to post mine monthly too. A lot of pressure to do weekly! Love the TB bag...


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