Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chalk it Up!

"Imagination is everything.  It is the preview to life's coming attractions."  ~ Albert Einstein

Since we are so close to returning to school, I thought it appropriate to do a post on the many uses for chalk boards.  Although, I am beginning to think they might be a thing of the past in schools.  It is beyond me why our schools are paying thousands for smart boards, especially when the optometrist told me they are ruining our children's eyes.  But that is a rant for another day.

I really dig the versatility of chalkboard paint. There are hundreds of blow your mind ideas out there for this crafty little paint.  I used it last year to paint an entire wall in my daughter's bedroom.  She is an artist and has to create something each and every day.  This way she can draw to her heart's content.  It's been fun seeing the masterpieces that have come from her imagination.

I love the idea of painting an antique piece with chalkboard paint.  This is absolutely lovely.  My only thought would be if this artwork isn't sealed in some way, would it begin to look shabby very, very soon?

I have long admired the blog and design style of Lauren Liess.  Painting the front of the refrigerator is a clever way to jot those grocery items and keep your little ones occupied while you cook.  It also makes your kitchen completely unique.  How many people do you know with a chalkboard fridge?


I am so into the idea of this chalkboard runner, I might just use it for our massive gathering on Thanksgiving.
You know, I could have a big label reading "TURKEY" with an arrow pointing to the mighty bird in case people are confused. ;-)  Whoever came up with this idea is a freakin' genius.  I can't think of a social function where this wouldn't be fun or useful!

Have the best day ever!


  1. LOVE the chalkboard runner as well but not so much for the fridge!

  2. Wouldn't the runner be great for a Stella & Dot party?


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