Wednesday, August 14, 2013

G's New Office

I love "Giuliana and Bill".  In a world filled to the brim with trashy reality t.v, it is a refreshing change.  Sure, there are no screaming fights or scandal, but it is still finds a way to be entertaining.  Huh...imagine that.  On this week's episode, Giuliana had her new office and nursery decorated.  The beautiful spaces are the work of the talented Lonni Paul, who also decorated the Rancic's home.  The BEST part is most of it came from Home Goods.  How great is that?

I love the gray and white glamour of this space . It took me some time to embrace that a calm color palette helps you to concentrate and be more productive.  If you are going to be spending 8+ hours working, why not do it in a luxurious room that is also comfortable?

I love a tuxedo sofa!  This is almost exactly what I am getting for our living room.  They didn't mention where it came from, but it looks a lot like the Kendall from World Market.  It goes to show that you don't need to take out a second mortgage or dip into your kid's college fund to have an elegant space.

all photos via Style

This little nursery space for her son, Duke, is utterly adorable. The bright pops of color add interest without making it too precious.  It is the perfect little play area for a boy whose mama is taking over the world. :-)

Have the best day ever!

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