Friday, August 2, 2013

It's All In The Details, Baby!

The details are not the details, they are what make the design."  ~ Charles Eames

I've always felt that it is the details of a room that make it special - those unique fabric and accessory choices that make your home reflect your personality. In fact, it has always killed me when people feel they need to decorate or dress "by the rules".  What rules?!  This is YOUR life.  Why live in a home or outfit yourself according to the opinion of someone else?  It's crazy.  Be your true self, man.  If you love stripes mixed with other patterns, (my current fave) then own it.  If shades of white bring you utter happiness, {I'm talking to you, Mom} then never second guess yourself.

So, when I stumbled on these brilliant inspiration boards Calico Corners has created featuring some of their fabrics, I was drooling. I have so many upholstery projects to tackle this fall, I don't know where to begin. An already beautifully patterned fabric somehow looks even more appealing with the addition of a chic brass urchin or lemon. A styled "moment" will stop me in my tracks every time.

I could vacation in a fabric store, folks.  It is like a peaceful portal of possibilities. Now if only I had the patience to learn to sew.  Well, Andrew can [ I know, right?!] and has helped me out a time or two. Hmm...let's see; what other projects can I throw his way?  I better start practicing my eyelash batting.  I haven't used that in a while and might be out of practice. ;-)

My first project will undoubtedly involve this Martinique-inspired fabric because, duh, it's fabulous. We have a bench in our hallway that needs a face-lift.  Then, I might just nonchalantly drape my gold necklace across the bench for additional chicness.  Just kidding, CC.  I really do love it!

I have a weakness for saturated, inky blue. This rich blue paired with leopard is absolute perfection.  I have been overhauling our living room slowly but surely and blue will most definitely be used as an accent.  I am crazy for this Greek Key trim and will spend every waking hour trying to find a way in which to use it. [not really...]

 Have the best weekend ever!


  1. Oh, these are all so good. Hard to choose a favorite! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and Instagram so I could find you and your wonderful blog!

    1. You are so welcome! Thank you for visiting my blog as well.

      PS - So loving the tortoise frame and O&L wallpaper you scored at the sale! ;-)


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