Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Attire // Hey Stud!!!

stud / noun: a boss, rivet or nail with a large head used for ornament or protection.  

Stud, rivet, doohickey - call them whatever you like.  These edgy metal details are everywhere!  The reason I know this is because it is a look I wouldn't normally seek out.  However, the addition of studs to something ultra-feminine or unexpected would turn my head.  With fashion, I have learned to never say never.  I remember when skinny jeans made a comeback after being all the rage in the late 80's.  I said and I quote, "I will NEVER wear skinny jeans again!  Been there, done that."  Now, {with my head hanging sheepishly low}skinny jeans are almost all I wear. Now, I am finding myself falling for this metallic goodness.

This fall version of the lovely Etta is calling my name and I am listening. This would be the statement piece to any outfit.  I would pair her with a pink pencil skirt and denim shirt for work and possibly a pair of "never going to wear" skinny jeans with a yummy cashmere sweater for night.  Etta is a lovely lady with a smart mouth.  Just the kind of gal I like!

A classic trench with gold studded shoulders?! Most definitely.  This is something I would wear! A Burberry trench is a true investment piece that would stay with you right into the nursing home.  


Have the best week ever!

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