Friday, August 16, 2013

On My Mind // August

I so admire Kelly Wearstler's ever-evolving edgy style.  She takes a smidge of inspiration from eras past and makes them her own.  I LOVE her double hand sculpture.  It is the perfect combination of Old Hollywood glamour and bad-ass grit. I think it would be gorgeous on my entry table, however, this stunner is a bit out of my price range for objet ďart.  I will have to be content just swooning over it for now.

It never fails, once mid-August comes around, I am thinking of sweaters, flats and skinnies.  Unfortunately for me, this will not be a reality until {perhaps} late October.  It doesn't have to stop me from being prepared for the temperature change though.  These navy, suede Reva flats are oh-so perfect for those crisp fall days.

I have so many exciting  changes happening right now with my business. One thing I have decided is I need to focus on wearing more dressy chic instead of my usual casual chic garb.  I am falling over for a few of the pieces Ann Taylor has coming out in September.  Also, could Kate Hudson ever look anything less than fabulous?  She makes everything look so fresh and effortless.  

Each new season, I begin looking for a key jewelry piece to buy.  I love necklaces and own many {probably too many}.  But that doesn't stop me from constantly lusting after new designs. I am crazy for mixed elements-metals, stones and glass.  This hematite and glass bib fits the bill! I would wear it with t-shirts and jeans, biz clothing and right on through the holidays.

I am working feverishly to complete my home projects before my home is photographed.  One thing I desperately want is a new sofa for the living room.  I have known for the last year that I want a light-colored {eek! am I crazy?} tuxedo sofa.  I just need to find the exact right fabric that will hold up.  I keep going back to High Fashion Home to stalk the handsome George.  He has masses of glorious tufting, an almost Greek Key {pitter-patter} nailhead detail and comes in many, many colors.  I am partial to the natural.

 I will openly tell you, I have the a major brown thumb.  I cannot keep a plant alive... at all....ever.  While at Whole Foods yesterday, I spotted some adorable, little succulents.  Someone on Instagram recently told me it is the remedy for plant killers like myself.  I bought several to make an arrangement for my coffee table. I think every room needs a spot of green, so we will see how I do this these cuties. Fingers crossed!

While in Orlando recently, we spent our days lounging by the pool, eating and drinking like royalty.  It was a real treat and might explain the extra five pounds I brought home as a souvenir.  None the less, I was literally drooling over the menu at our hotel.  I loved it so much that I took a photo, so I could replicate the dishes. My fave was the Shrimp Panzanella Salad.  Mmm.....take a moment to look at that {sort of} healthy  goodness.  

citrus marinated shrimp
heirloom tomatoes
roasted red peppers
roasted red onion
torn pieces of french bread 
basil vinagrette

Have the best weekend ever!


  1. Bite the bullet and get down to HFH...George would look fabulous in your house! Love your bad-ass grit term and might have to add that to my crack me up. Also, the Kaholo Bib necklace would look stunning on you ;)

  2. I know! I love it but question if there is a better sofa out there for us. Ha! You can totally take "bad-ass grit". ;-)

    I am going to add the Kaholo necklace to my wishlist. I love it more each time I see it.

    Have a great day!!!


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