Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Shelf Style

"To create a memorable design, you need to start with a thought that's worth remembering." 
 ~ Thomas Manns

Andrew and I have begun a little end-of-summer DIY project.  On the main wall in our living room resides one gigantic fireplace mantle flanked by two..teeny..tiny..bookshelves. It is hilarious, really.  Many times, I have wondered if the architects responsible for our neighborhood design had a pot party before they drew up the plans. What I love most in a home is taking something basic and making it ours. Andrew will be beefing these babies up with some molding so they don't look so bullied by the mantle.  
Before he does that, I have decided to paint the back of the shelves in Benjamin Moore "Polo Blue" which is my go-to color to create drama. I love the depth and saturation.  It is really, really dark but not black. Psst......it's much darker than this in person.

Due to my weakness for buying pretty little objects, I have more than enough to fill the shelves.  I have been looking at photos for new ways to organize all this beauty along with my embarrassingly large [ I mean, how much do you need to know about one person?] JFK book collection.  There are so many fresh ideas out there!  I can't wait to finish the painting to see how everything looks.  I am hoping the color will set a dramatic stage to allow all our lovely nonsense to shine.


Have the best day ever!

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