Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Next Step

"Great design starts with an idea."  ~ Dorothy Richter

I am freaking out!  I have decided to have my home photographed to add to my upcoming website. It felt good making a final decision, however, my wheels began to immediately turn {at lighting speed!} What if things weren't perfect?  What about the projects that need to be completed?  It can really keep a girl up at night. I have SO much to do.

All these projects have me thinking about our entry.  When we first purchased our home, we had all the faux hardwood replaced on the main floor with lusciously dark 5" plank hardwood. Upon completion, we were told there was enough wood left over to cover the stairs whenever we wanted.  Oh, joy!  I was ecstatic because the stairs {which are spiral and incredible} are currently covered in a nasty, knotted oatmeal colored shag.  I am going to begin pricing the labor for this immediately.  Then I can focus on the lovely task of finding the perfect runner.  I have always wanted a leopard runner but once I started looking I was thinking possibly zebra.  Of course, it will be animal print. Which animal print is the question.


Have the best day ever!

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