Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vintage Posters

"Creativity takes courage."  ~ Henri Matisse

A few months ago, I came across this majorly cool 1973 Bette Midler poster and my mind began to race as to where I could use it.  I passed it up that day but visit her frequently while on my shopping excursions.  This got me thinking that these clever and interesting works of art could be purchased [with a little time and patience] for a great deal and used in a variety of decorating ways. 

How boss would this be in a media or game room?

I am currently scouring the web and antique shops for this Beatles goodness.  It would look spectacular in my daughter's room.  

If past Olympics is more your style, there are so many creative options.  Even though this one isn't vintage, I love this number from the London 2012 Olympics.


 Well, hello boys..... Do you need some ice for those six packs? ;-)

Have the best day ever!

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  1. Ryan had a vintage Cinderella framed poster in her room in our house in Illinois! I loved it but unfortunately she outgrew it with the move here!


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