Thursday, October 31, 2013

Elegance on a Budget

"Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style."  
~ Billy Baldwin

I just received the new Williams-Sonoma Home catalog and nearly fell out of my chair.  I LOVE the casual elegance displayed within each meticulously styled room. When we lived in Ohio, we had a WSH store in the neighborhood mall.  I would walk through whenever I had the chance and drink in every drop of beauty and inspiration.  My friends were only so patient.  There was not one item in the store I disliked.  Each piece is the epitome of quality and class.

I believe that all people should have homes that are lovely and uplifting.  I also feel with a little time, patience and research this can definitely be achieved for all budgets. While I would scream with excitement to have one of these rooms in it's entirety, I also know this is not a reality.  We have three children to put through college someday. While it's a tough choice between an amazing new dining room table or my child, the child wins...barely.  ;-)

I tell my clients you should spend the bulk of your decorating budget on the high-quality larger pieces.  The chic accessories can be found for less money thus creating an equally luxurious space without breaking the bank.  I have pulled together some items to create this feeling.

Catch the Look

Have the best day ever!

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