Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fresh Flowers for the Mantle

"Everything you can imagine is real."  ~ Pablo Picasso

I hate peonies....said no one....ever.  Peonies are the epitome of the perfect spring day spent in the most delicately feminine dress.  They are perfect and remind me of my Grandma Margaret who I miss every day. She had gigantic peony bushes near her door that would bloom each spring.  Their sweet scent would fill the air while we played tag or hide n' seek.  

I have been coming across some striking photographs of these beauties set against a black background. This got me thinking of our blank wall space above the mantle.  I have had a running dialogue in my mind the last few months -  mirror or art; art or mirror? While I am taking my sweet time trying to find the perfect piece, our mantle is glaring and judging me each time I walk by. "Hey, remember me?  I'm sad and lonely.  I thought you were supposed to be an interior decorator. Get with it, lady!"  I finally decided art would be best but it has to be simple enough that I wouldn't tire of it quickly yet dramatic enough to give strength to the white walls.  I think I might be on to something!

These photographs are magical and move me which is exactly what art is supposed to do.  Our homes should be our havens where we are surrounded with tokens of love and memories of happiness.  Being able to have a daily  reminder of my sweet grandma sounds like a perfect way to begin each day.  


Have the best day ever!

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