Monday, October 21, 2013

Monday Attire || Holiday Garb

"Playing dress up begins at five and never truly ends."  ~ Kate Spade

Today I would like to touch upon the upcoming holiday season.  I promise I am not trying to shove the seasons down your throat as the retailers do.  Does anyone else feel that tug of anxiety when you walk into the mall in October and they are playing Christmas tunes?  It is at the point of ridiculous.  

[This is my favorite look.  I love the rich oyster color and unexpected funky tee.]

 [Emerald green + black = sophistication.]

The only reason I am even thinking of holiday garb is because this year I am planning something fun for my own birthday, dammit!  I have had one outstanding birthday party in my life.  I was turning thirteen and had an oh-so fun slumber party.  The highlight of the evening was the LaRosas's pizza and awesome E.T. cake. [I know, what a dweeb!]  Before you begin cuing up the violins for my party-less life, I should tell you my entrance into this world happened on New Years Eve.  I know, I know.  This should be ah-mazing.  It is, however, quite the opposite because there is always this pressure to plan ahead.  As a NYE birthday girl, you are not only competing with Christmas where people are plum wore out by December 26th, you are also competing with the largest party night of the year.  If reservations are not made by Labor Day, then you find yourself eating the early bird special with Captain Age Spots at 3:00. The loved ones in my life have never had any idea what to plan because of the enormity placed on this evening.  So I am taking the horse by the reigns and planning my own festivities because I don't want to be an old broad in the nursing home complaining that I never 1) had a birthday party or 2)  wore an over-the-top elegant ensemble.

[Elegant bad-ass]

[Everything about this photograph makes me swoon. Caroline Herrera is a genius.]

 [I know she looks crazy bored but her Alice + Olivia skirt is fabulous.]


[If I had a dime for every time my car broke down while wearing my ball skirt...]

Catch the Look

Have the best day ever!


  1. Can't wait to find out what you are planning for your big day! I have some rad statement necklaces if you would like to borrow one for your bday! Just ordered the Phoenix necklace that you have shown and it is bad ass.

    1. I will take you up on that, girl! You know I like a little bad ass and that Phoenix is spectacular. Also, I need to start Xmas shopping. I wanted to order some necklaces for the girls this year. I'll be hitting you up fo' sho.


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