Tuesday, October 22, 2013

On My Mind || October

"Enjoy today.  Forever is composed of nows."  ~ Emily Dickinson

The brisk, autumn nights are here which are perfect for snuggling in bed.  I think I found the perfect pj's to do just that.  I love a man's style pajama for cooler months.  Some people [not me] like to roll all over and stretch out while sleeping [again, not me].  These stylish pieces allow room for such movement while looking chic decked out in little zebras.  I absolutely love them.

I love, love decorating books.  I consume them as some would food or water.  I have a bit of an addiction, I suppose.  Books, lamps, pillows....but that's a post of a different color.  Most of these books are filled with awe inspiring photographs of jaw-dropping interiors along with some light writing about colors and texture. The Things That Matter is so touching and meaningful. The beautiful spaces featured are the icing.  I adore everything about Nate Berkus.  I completely understand why Oprah tapped him to be her go-to designer. He is genuine, talented, charming and easy on the peepers.  I have been coming back to this book all month. 

Speaking of design addictions, I may have a teensy obsession with leopard.  I recently purchased this amazing custom pillow from Arianna Belle for our bed.  I love it so much that I can't decide if I want it here or the new sofa.  I may just have to buy another.  Is that bad?  I already have our entry bench at the upholsterer's being covered in leopard velvet.  Yes, I need to stop...maybe. ;-)

Ok, rain I am ready for you. Bring.it.on.  I LOVE my new Hunter boots.  They are black and glossy and keep my feet dry.  Even better is that I bought the kid's size, so they were a smidge cheaper.  And who loves a great deal?!  This girl, that's who!

Do we need plates?  No, we do not.  However, these foodie quote salad plates are so cute I find myself tempted to pull out the card.  We do have a party of twenty coming for Thanksgiving week. I am sure they would love to do a little light reading before dinner.

I like all things Justin Timberlake.  He is one multi-talented entertainer.  He is a great actor, singer, dancer and very funny [SNL Single Ladies skit...hilarious].  I have been listening to his new CD since it's release in March and it hasn't gotten old.  I love the mix of genres and moods.  My favorite is Mirrors.  I like to think he wrote it for his wife before they were married.  I have no idea but it would be an incredibly romantic way of telling your lady she means the world to you. 

You know those nights where you find yourself tossing, turning and going over your task list for the next day? If you are reading this and you are over 25 years of age, you know the lack of sleep will undoubtedly show up on your face the next morning.  I have found two products to help perk up those sleepy eyes of yours. You will still be wiped cleaner than a blackboard but at least you will look refreshed. Starbucks can help with the rest.

Have the best day ever!

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