Friday, October 11, 2013

Weekly Inspiration

"To be successful, a room must contain the element of contrast in forms as well as in colors and textures."  ~ Michael Taylor

I went fabric hunting yesterday.  As always, I was drawn in by the abundance of pattern and texture.  Like paint, fabric is an easy way to completely change the feel of a room.  Imagine a white room filled with white furniture.  By simply changing the upholstery, drapes and pillows the room is immediately transformed into a warm, chic space full of personality.  

 Pattern and Texture

This insanely amazing flame stitch fabric will be making an appearance on our upstairs bench.  It is so lovely and luxurious in person.  I have yet to tackle an upholstery project on my own.  I better not mess this up. This definitely was not the deal in the bunch!  

Have a smashing day!

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