Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekly Inspiration

"Kindness in words creates confidence.  Kindness in thinking creates profoundness.  Kindness in giving creates love."  ~ Lao Tzu


Our little Fifi had braces put on yesterday.  She has never handled the smallest of discomforts very well.  In fact, as a small child she was known in our medical circles as a "runner".  A few years have passed and she has chilled a smidgen.

Therefore, it was no surprise when she emerged from the orthodontist's office grumbling and complaining that she would never be happy again.  I was already prepared to take her to lunch at her favorite spot to ease the agony of having such mean parents.  {How dare we want straight teeth for our child?!}  What I was not prepared for was the intense sobbing and pain.  She was starving and could not eat her most delicious salad, so instead she sat on my lap and cried herself sick.  As all parents agree, you would do anything to take away their smallest drops of pain.  Something inside told me this was more than her usual bellyaching.

She awoke this morning to an extremely swollen face with red streaks.  The inside of her mouth was laced with gashes and blood.  I went into Mother Hen mode and knew this needed attention immediately. We were greeted by the original assistant who put the braces on.  She began with reasons and excuses and actually attempted to blame Fifi.  Um, no.  That is not how this is going to play out.  I was lacing up my boxing gloves when another assistant stepped in.  She took time from her other duties to figure out what was causing my child such pain. She spoke with warmth and understanding and stayed until the problems were fixed.  With a few alterations, I am happy that I can now hear my sweet girl laughing in the other room as I am writing this. Thank you, Miss Beverly, for your kindness and help in relieving my daughter's pain.  I am most grateful. The thing is she probably has no idea the impact she had on our day even though I thanked her incessantly.

We might not realize how giving someone a compliment, lending a helping hand or simply smiling to another might completely turn their day around.  It's something to think about each day before we walk out the door.

Have the best weekend ever!


  1. How awful! O.k. so is fifi sofia? You have me stumped and what orthodontist do you use? I'm so glad she is feeling better Lisa.

    1. Yes. We call her that in the casa. We go to Dr. Bussa who is amazing. We love him and most of his staff. It was awful, Charity. She is still really swollen but feeling better.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your daughters pain. That totally stinks. I totally agree with your last paragraph. There are many times when I am shopping and I might see Somone with a cute outfit ....pretty eyes etc....a small compliment can go a LONG way!!! Thanks for the reminder!!!!!

    1. Thank you for your concern. She seems to be doing much better but it was a long couple of days. Also, thank you for stopping by! Have a great evening. :-)


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