Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Beach Getaway

"I long for salt air in my hair."

A few weeks ago, our family was invited to Andrew's boss's weekend home.  It is a farm with many acres and nothing but pure quiet.  It was so peaceful and far removed from the nut factory where we live.  Our suburban utopia has transformed into all the insanity of a city without the charm. The land was vast and the skies were clear.  It was truly lovely but wouldn't be my choice for a second home.  I much prefer the beach.

 I have always thought it would be awesome to own a beach shack somewhere near the ocean as a weekend place.  Yes, yes - I know owning a cardboard box within a mile of the beach requires at least one kid to miss out on college.  I am not talking crazy here - just a smallish cottage in the vicinity of water...water with salt in it.

With that being said, my favorite past time is daydreaming. If I am going to dream, let's make it big and begin with this example of fabulous beach living.  This home is stunning with it's high gloss painted floors and light, airy decor. They had me at this gorgeous dining room.  White Chippendale style chairs loaded with adorable children?  If that isn't perfection, I don't know what is. 

This metal base tulip table is crazy good.  Pairing an edgy modern piece with more traditional chairs makes this room interesting.  The home is so well edited that your eye is drawn to the statement pieces in each room.  I wish I could be that disciplined sometimes.

Large windows and doors that open out onto the beach?  Um, yes please!

I am a sucker for grasscloth.  It is such a classic. The linen and nailhead headboard paired with the wallpaper give loads of textural interest but still keep a calming neutral palette in the bedroom.

courtesy of Coastal Living

Have the best day ever!

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  1. I couldn't agree more with you Lisa! The beach is where it's at.


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