Friday, November 22, 2013

From One Friend to Another...

"It's the little things that make life wonderful."  ~ Unknown

I have a little this and that to pass on...from one friend to another.

I had a big "Barefoot Contessa" addiction a few years back.  I loved everything about her carefree style of cooking and baking.  I have all her cookbooks and haven't had a bad recipe. There is one in particular I would like to share.  One delicious bite and you will understand why I make this cake several times a year.  With Thanksgiving coming up, I thought you might like to add this to your menu.  Your guests will flip a nut, I promise.

Ina's Orange Chocolate Chunk Cake never disappoints. As with all her recipes, it seems as if you are this amazing baker. Maybe you are - I am not. I like to make it a few days before Thanksgiving so Andrew's family can enjoy it before the real eating begins. The combination of orange and chocolate is so yummy and the warm, gooey ganache dripping down the sides makes it a perfect slice of heaven.  You are welcome. :)

Miley Cyrus is killing it lately.  I love her new album.  I was in a store recently and one of her songs came on.  The woman in front of me turned and whispered, "I know I'm not supposed to like her but I really like this song."  Why?!  Why aren't you supposed to like her?  She has an amazing voice and is exploring her creativity [and youth].  I don't watch her videos because a) I'm not 16 years old and b) who has the time?  Therefore, I could care less if she chooses to swing on a metal ball in her birthday suit.  I only care about the music she is putting out which is stellar right now.

That being said, I am loving this remix of "Wrecking Ball".  It makes me think of my friend Barb and I without a care in the world, dancing the night away at the Waterfront in our twenties. Word of advice: 1) Don't be surprised if you have an uncontrollable urge to break dance.  2) It sounds best turned all the way up.  

Damn you, J. Crew! Why can't I quit you?  Why? Because you constantly come out with amazingly cute pieces like this sweater I bought this week.  It comes in many colors and I plan on going back for more.  The back is longer and the side buttons create different looks depending on how many are fastened.  I wore it yesterday with white jeans and gray booties.  I could also pair it up with leather leggings and Converse.  I love a good, snuggly sweater and this one fits the bill.

Have the best weekend ever!


  1. You do love your J.Crew Lisa! Her cake sounds yummy...I might have to try this one. I do like her recipes and have one of her cookbooks. I can't seem to watch her cooking show though...

    1. Yes, I can't escape the lure of J. Crew! You should try the cake. It's worth the work. Yum!


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