Friday, November 15, 2013

On My Mind || November

"Keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about." 
 ~ Marilyn Monroe

Christmas is right around the corner.  I have been a very good girl this year and would very much like a new handbag. [eyelashes fluttering, coy smile] This Coach beauty has all the bells and whistles that I love.  It's black with gold studs and a fancy tassel.  I am not here to advertise for the company but I have a few and you can stomp on these bags and they still look amazing year after year. It also is a satchel which has been my bag of choice for the last decade.  Dear Andrew, you may or may not find a Coach coupon in your sock drawer. ;-)

I love the sultry stylings of one Miss Nina Simone.  I just added this to my playlist and have been playing it constantly . It would be perfect for a romantic night with your darling or a dinner party with your pals.  My fave is "I Put a Spell on You."  Oh, yea.....sing it, you smooth vocal goddess.

While visiting my favorite Houston store, Mecox, I picked up one of these most delicious smelling candles. I can honestly say it has been burning every moment that I am home.  These candles fill the air with warm yumminess.  It smells like Thanksgiving dessert every day!  I need to get back there immediately to buy the holiday one.  Oh, you can also find them online.  I just like an excuse to spend an afternoon being inspired by all the fabulousness.  

Is it strange to drool over fabric?  Not in my world of beauty seeking.  I could feel my pillow obsession begin when I finally ordered my extra-long leopard pillow for our bed.  Arianna Belle makes one mean pillow.  The quality of the fabric and craftsmanship are excellent.  Our new sofa will be here in a few short weeks and I have been looking for accessories. It is so difficult to choose because each is more beautiful than the next. I have narrowed it down to my favorite six.  I will wait until the Big Daddy arrives to make my final decision.  I do have a birthday coming up. Hmm....I am just odd enough to ask for custom throw pillows as a gift.

Have you ever been fascinated by something for as long as you can remember?  I feel that way about JFK. I have more books than time and watch every documentary on his life and untimely death.  When I lived in Boston, I visited the John F. Kennedy Library more times than I can count. It was a quiet respite to escape the noise of the city.  I found him to be intelligent, brave and determined.  I still cry when reading the details of his assassination - an event that occurred well before I was born. The traumatic senselessness and obvious inconsistencies still have me puzzled. This month marks the 50th anniversary of his passing and I have pulled out one of my favorite JFK book to read once again.

I absolutely adore these earrings!  They would be perfect for the upcoming holiday season.  I would also throw these on with old jeans and a sweater.  I love the sparkly art deco flair.  They would also make the perfect stocking gift.  Just sayin'...

Have the best weekend ever!

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