Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thanksgiving Table

"Thanksgiving dinners take 18 hours to prepare.  They are consumed in 12 minutes.  Half-times take 12 minutes.  This is no coincidence."  ~ Erma Bombeck

Do you decorate for Thanksgiving?  It feels as if we jump straight from trick or treat to Christmas with only a minute pause for the day of thanks.  Don't get me wrong; I LOVE Christmas.  I cannot get enough holiday lights, decorations, movies or music.  It makes me all gooey inside.  But enough about that for now.

Andrew's family has been coming every year for the last decade and we have a house of 20+ people the entire week of Thanksgiving.  Every year for the last decade I have said [ever so convincingly] that I would like to decorate the tables.  The problem is it's like putting on a small wedding because there are so many tables needed. What I really want are black & white striped runners with white pumpkins, pheasant feathers, flowers, and maybe a twig or two.  Is that too much to ask?  Apparently it is because I have yet to ever do it.

When I came across the breathtaking table that Abbey Nova helped create with her friend, I knew the thoughts in my head to be true -- I was a Thanksgiving slacker.  Even her magnificent centerpiece is edible!  I essentially throw a plate of food at my family without even a cornucopia or tiny pumpkin to enjoy with their meal.  

What I love most about this table is that it isn't traditional orange and brown [not my favorite].  I am crazy in love with that blue runner.  The saturated indigo is a beautiful jumping off point to create this magical setting that any holiday guest would appreciate.  I am so inspired to decorate our four [yes, I said four!] tables this year.  Let's see how this plays out. ;-)

all gorgeous photos courtesy of Design Scouting & The Kitchn

Have the most inspired day ever!

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  1. Beautiful! I love to decorate my table at Thanksgiving...I'm more on the neutral side though. Bet you're surprised! For my wedding center pieces- ions ago- we had fruit mixed in with them and they were gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you come up with! I'm sure the whole family will love them Lisa!


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