Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday Attire || Plaid & Prints

"Fashion is instant language."  ~ Miuccia Prada

There are so many delicious prints these days and the encouragement to mix them with reckless abandon that it is a wonder I can dress myself each day.  I now look at my closet with a new pair of eyes.  I once looked at my clothing wearing blinders - each piece needed to match and only one print per outfit, thank you very much. 

As in decorating, the oomph comes from layering of multiple prints and pattern. I am really feeling plaid this chilly season and love combining it with stripes, dots and [of course] leopard.  It has taken my basic pieces to a whole new level.


I just bought the trench below [p.s. it's on sale right now!] and can't wait to wear it with my red plaid infinity scarf.  I think it will give the coat just the right amount of punch.  Since my days lately seem to be spent working or Christmas shopping, I put together a casual mixed print look.

Catch the Look

Have the best day ever!

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