Friday, December 13, 2013

On My Mind || December

I have been wanting a winter coat lately.  Perhaps it is the unusually frigid temps that Houston has been experiencing...or the fact I haven't bought a new coat in five years...or the fantastically adorable coats out there right now.  This color block goodness caught my eye last month and hasn't let go.  If I have to spend my days in nasty cold fronts,  I should at least look cute while doing it!

We always make a traditional Christmas dinner.  You know the one - baked ham, mashed potatoes, green beans and rolls.  Basically, a smaller version of the glutenous feast we shared on Thanksgiving sans turkey.  This year, I would like to try these mouth-watering burrito tamale bowls from Tieghan at Half Baked Harvest.  I love the idea of making something easy and comforting. My tummy started growling just reading through the recipe.  To be completely honest, I am still exhausted from the last holiday [wasn't it only two weeks ago?], so this looks like a delicious winner in my book.

Last year my friend Cheryl gave me this awesome Buxom lip gloss set.  I used every last drop and loved it so much, I bought one for myself this year.  I love all their glosses and this holiday gift set is a great way to try out many of their colors.  Keep it in mind during your shopping.

I recently discovered this great yoga wrap.  I am not usually one who wears workout clothing out and about.  This is mainly because I haven't taken the time to invest in cute gear.  I do, however, wear leggings as much as possible which is the perfect pairing for this fleece beauty. This wrap comes in two colors, ties at the waist [keeping everything covered] and long enough to keep you from sharing your goody parts with the neighborhood.  

I LOVE holiday decorating.  It's like a adding jewelry to your room.  Each year, I try to add a little something extra.  This year I focused on the staircase and added a bit of garland.  My mind always has bigger plans than my pocketbook.  They talked and agreed to compromise on this basic pre-lit evergreen and I added fluff I already had.  Next year, I will add loads of magnolia leaves.  It looks absolutely lovely at night and makes me smile each morning when I stumble out of bed.  Now, if I could only get rid of that raunchy carpet on the stairs!

I LOVE Maroon 5.  I have loved them since their first album and continue to love everything they they put out.  They are amazing in concert and Adam Levine is easy on the peepers.  It's a regular groupie fest in my suburban mom SUV.  All of their stuff is great but there hasn't been anything like "Songs About Jane".  It is my absolute favorite. I belt it out from the first song to the last. So don't pay any attention if you see me at the traffic light singing my own personal duet.  

We can't get enough holiday movies in our home.  We start watching them Thanksgiving week and don't stop until the new year.  Tonight we will settle in with some popcorn and my favorite feel good movie.  You cannot get any better than a classic Jimmy Stewart flick and the moral to the story is meaningful - we are all special and here for a reason.  Our very presence has impacted more people than we even know.  And remember...."every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings." ;)

Have the best weekend ever!

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