Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Well, Hello Gorgeous!

"Home is where your story begins." ~ Unknown

I apologize for the crickets last week.  Our home was filled to the brim with loved ones the entire week and time flew by in a blink. I had some good quality time this year which is what it is all about.  

I wanted to update you on the living room which is coming along at a slow, steady pace.  Once we waved our last goodbye on Saturday morning, our handsome Liam was delivered.  Now, I am clearly an adult.  However, most days I don't feel like it.  I feel about twenty three on the inside.  I prefer dirty humor, hip hop and dancing for no particular reason.  I feel this is our first grown up "let's have cocktails" kind of sofa.  We have owned several [mediocre, boring, practical, kid-friendly] sofas in our time but none has that "fancy pants, dug around in Mom's closet to play dress-up" sophistication as this beauty. When I wake in the morning, I half expect to be greeted with a dry martini by a member of the Rat Pack, which would be absolutely amazing except a) I don't take my martini dry b) I don't drink in the morning c) they have all passed on so that would be a bit weird.

 I cannot rave enough about the professionalism and quality of product.  I am a major junkie for beautiful craftsmanship and our new addition is loaded.  Despite my exhaustion, I was so excited that I was doing my happy dance the entire day. [ ~ much to Andrew's embarrassment while in public].  

We thought we had found the perfect rug the same day which meant my design stars were in perfect alignment.  I got it home and knew almost immediately it was too precious for the room. We rolled it up and exchanged it for this rug.  While I like the saturated colors, I woke up this morning not feeling it.  Rugs can be quite expensive, so I want to be over the moon for it. This sweet baby will most likely go back today and my hunt will continue.  [Thank you, Andrew, for being patient with my decorating anal retentive ways. :)

I still have quite the task list for completion:

~ Change lamp shades to black
~ Order new throw pillows.  These are from other parts of the house.  Do I really need another leopard pillow?  Yes, I think I do.
~ Have our existing chair re-upholstered in either black or navy velvet.
~ Purchase two more side chairs.  I am thinking something leather and mid-century modern.
~ Art for above the mantle.  This has proven to be quite the hair puller.
~ I need a new coffee table.  This is the loveliness that I want.  I wanted to wait until the sofa arrived to see if it might be too much white.  I like that it's a good size at 52".

Have the best day ever!

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  1. It's all coming together Lisa! It's always so exciting to get new furniture :)


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