Wednesday, January 29, 2014

On the Beach with Kelly

"I love Malibu - the coastline is so picturesque, it's insane..."  ~ Kelly Wearstler

On a frigid day like today, my mind starts to wander to thoughts of warm ocean breezes and sunshine.  January and February have always been those months where I hold my breath waiting for warmer temperatures.  There is something magical about the beach.  Having a day to just sit and inhale the salt air seems to make all life's troubles crumble into tiny bits of sand that will be taken away by the tide.

Kelly Wearstler's amazing beachfront home in Malibu is the stuff of dreams.  Her fearless and uber creative approach to design leaves me speechless every time.  She is a definite trendsetter that always seems to be a few steps ahead of everyone else.  

The casually chic home is decorated in neutral tones enhancing the most amazing view.  Each room contains an expertly edited collection of sculpturesque beauty. I would love to know where she finds these vintage gems.  Kelly, text me the next time you need a shopping partner.  I will make the time. ;-)

The lovely Kelly in her living room. This 1970's geometric wall cabinet is an inspiring piece of art.  

 I mean, who wouldn't want a tree growing inside of their home? This is a brilliant way to create warmth and seems to be a signature detail in her homes.

 This room is my favorite.  I love the warmth created with the use of different textural elements.  I cannot get over that spectacular view!

  I love the mix of modern, traditional, rustic and fine art in the dining room.  However, I am not a fan of the "seaweed" chandelier. 

 Did someone say marble?

via InStyle

This serene bedroom just knocks my socks off!  The Medusa headboard is so unique and lovely.  Just don't stare into her eyes!

Have the best day ever!


  1. Malibu is one of my FAVORITE places joke. It is absolutely gorgeous as well as this house. I agree with you on the seaweed light...I'm sure she didn't want anything obstructing her view but there are other choices ;) Oh that bedroom...I won't be able to stop thinking about it!

    1. I would LOVE to go! It looks so, so beautiful.


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