Tuesday, January 21, 2014

On My Mind || January

I have started working my way through Gossip Girl from the very beginning.  What a guilty pleasure.  I can't get enough of the chic decor, edgy fashion and predictable drama.  It has definitely gotten me through my oh so boring time spent on the treadmill.  I really need a workout new routine.

John Newman has found a special spot on my playlist.  I absolutely love his rich, soulful voice and catchy tunes.  "Love Me Again" has been on replay in my mind for weeks now.

My home project list seems to have grown significantly in the last month.  I am having a photographer come to my house soon and I find myself analyzing every little thing detail.  All of them are manageable, if I could only find the time.

Adding trim to a pillow cover should be easy enough, right?

Speaking of projects, I found this handy dandy guide and thought I would share.

After my {cough, cough, overpriced} t-shirt from J. Crew shrunk to the size of my 11 year old after the first wash, I declared that it was time for my and the crew to take some time apart.  I was depending on them too much anyway.  But before I could walk away, I had to pick up this adorable spring blouse {which was on sale} in hopes that the weather will soon cooperate.  Now, I will begin my trial separation.  It's for the best, crew.  I'll see you in a few months.

As I have mentioned before, I LOVE the Kennedy family.  I need/want this new Jackie book to add to my collection. Although, considering the hefty price tag it might find a permanent place on the dream list. Hmm...I can't decide.  Book or bills?  It would look spectacular on my coffee table but without electricity, I couldn't actually look at.  I know, it is a tough choice.  For now, I would be happy just thumbing through it so I will head over to my favorite Mecox store to have a look. They are so chic, I am certain they will have it.  

I love the unique quality of Kendra Scott jewelry.  The pieces are so beautiful!  We have one of her stores in a tony part of Houston.  I have my eye on this stunning ring.  I think I need to just happen to be passing by sometime this week. ;-)

Have the best day ever!

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