Wednesday, February 12, 2014

|A Place For Dempsey|

"The whole place really is a work of art."  ~ Patrick Dempsey

Long before McDreamy made Patrick Dempsey the subject of many a late night dream, he starred in one of my favorite movies, "Can't Buy Me Love." What draws me to the talents of certain actors is a specific way about them that they bring to each project.  It might be an uninhibited laugh [Julia Roberts], a quirky walk [Meg Ryan], or a mischievous grin [George Clooney]. Patrick has that certain something that instantly made me a fan in 1987. The fact that he grew up to be a total fox doesn't hurt either. ;-) Can I get a what-what?!

He shares this magnificently modern home in Malibu with wife, Jillian, and their three children. The home was designed in 1968 by famed architect Frank Gehry.  The exterior is simplistic and industrial but the interior is what caught my attention.  The light-filled home is bedecked in earthy, organic elements creating a warm, cozy and incredibly chic dwelling.

The formality of the tailored sofas next to the rustic vibe from the stacked wood wall is amazing.  I also love that Jillian's beautiful sculptures are throughout the home.

An open, light-filled entry.  

 The sculptor's studio is my favorite room.  I love the clever mix of artistic industrial with the laid back comfort of the sectional with mass pillows.  It is an inspiring space to work and create.

 This pool looks so welcoming right now.  I am so over winter!  It is 34 and raining as I write this and it is pissing me off.

The beautiful Dempsey family enjoying all that California sunshine.  All photos courtesy of AD.

Have the best day ever!


  1. his home. my ad came in the mail last week and I haven't had a chance to look at it. can't wait ;)
    p.s. i'm so over winter too!

    1. It's a really great issue. I know we are spoiled with the mild climate, but I cannot take these gray, cold days. C'mon sunshine!


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