Wednesday, February 26, 2014


"You can cut all the flowers bit you cannot keep spring from coming."  ~ Pablo Neruda

Perhaps, it's the allure of spring but I am craving all things floral right now.  The grass is starting to turn green and the temps are rising.  I am so excited for the sunshine.  It has been a gross winter for everyone.

Wouldn't these antique floral shorts be amazing with a white button down, heels, tanned legs and tons of jewelry?  Yes, I think they would. [side note: get cracking on those legs.]

I nearly fell out of my chair when I laid eyes on Emily's new powder room.  I am mad for this knockout floral wallpaper from Ellie Cashman Design.  I want|need|love it! It has the enchantment of a museum painting but feels fresh and modern because of the large scale. Gorgeous!

This shoe is hot stuff!  They would be fab paired with rolled, distressed jeans, a fitted black blazer and gold hoops.  If they happen to be a bit out of your budget...

...there are always these which are also striking.  Also, these babies happen to be 40% right now!

I would give up the girl's college tuition to have a piece by the uber talented Nick Knight hanging in my home.  I kid, I kid. They have to go to college so they can afford to care for me when I'm old and crabby.  I think this collection is absolutely beautiful.  It is perfect in it's imperfections. 

Have the best day ever!


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