Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Hey Now, You're A Rockstar....."

"I never dreamed about success.  I worked for it."  ~ Estee Lauder

Does anyone else hear the chorus to Smash Mouth's "All Star" when an awesome design plan falls into place?  Well, I do...all the time, actually.  It may or may not come with a happy dance. ;-)

This awesome work table entered my world on Saturday.  It is 78" of marble goodness. I can already see it is going to make my research process easier.  Now that it is here, making itself comfortable, I am thinking of completely re-organizing everything else in the space.  Isn't it funny how one new piece can motivate you to change everything else around it ?

On my dream wish list would be a pair of lovely Platner chairs upholstered in apricot along with a Kubus pillow. [Arianna has so many amazing temptations!]  I also love the colors and 80's punk vibe of this art piece by Alessandro Andreuccetti.

Have the best day ever!

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