Monday, February 24, 2014

On My Mind || February

"It's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."  ~ Marilyn Monroe

I have been trying to catch up on everything since last week.  This month is just flying by which is pretty good considering February is where I become bored over winter and my thoughts are looking toward spring. That being said, here some new found items that have been occupying my brain this chilly month.

This product is A-mazing!  There are four heads in my house that have long, wavy hair that tend to get frizzy. Tresemm√© just released the "7 Day Keratin Smooth" line and  I thought I would try one product first to see if we liked it. Not only did take away all frizz, but it makes your hair smooth as glass.  I can't swear by it lasting 7 days because I cannot go that long without washing but it was still going strong at day 4.  I can't wait to try the other products in the line.

I have a bit of a book addiction.  I always have, really.  Since I have discovered the used section of Amazon, I can now justify getting that giant design book I really don't need because it is now $11 versus $58. While design books are my main drug of choice, I also dabble in business guides and the occasional book for pleasure.  I recently purchased this little gem and have been totally immersed.  The title says it all.  It is a great little business and life guide.  If you are curious as to how good you could possibly be, then pick up a copy. ;-)

I have been trying to look at my business in broader terms and how I would like to grow in the future. This is helping me to make smarter choices in how I am working in the present.  I am lucky to have a space at home where I can close the doors and "go to work."  This has proven to be a double-edged sword but it does save money on renting an outside space.  I have decided to replace my small desk with a giant, beautiful work table.  It will give me the space needed to spread out, a white surface to review colors easier and a conference space for clients.  * More on my new work table later this week.

Jenna Lyons' beautiful office.

I have the delicious misfortune of having Panera Bread right down the street from my house.  Right down the street, you guys.  I cannot tell you how difficult it is to resist the charms of their constant flow of carbs.  Lately, I have been ordering the Power Chicken Hummus Bowl which is outstanding and only 330 calories, so I feel a tad better about eating that baguette.  The ingredients are so fresh and simple, I am going to begin making them at home for the family.  After all, spring is just around the corner.

I have forever been wanting a leopard chair somewhere in our home.  I have dabbled with throw pillows throughout but never taken the plunge with a larger piece.  Our mid century reproduction chair has been patiently awaiting a makeover.  He has been sent to the upholsterer's to be swathed in a sexy leopard velvet.  I cannot wait to see it. [side note: Andrew, thank you for being so open to my design thoughts and choices.]

I ordered this beauty to come live on our sofa.  I am in love with the variations of blue.  The fabric is actually much brighter than the photo.  I also adore the apricot colorway as well and may get one for my office chair.

Have the best day ever!

Lisa :)

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  1. Thanks for the Keratin tip. To date the best product I have found is Bumble and Bumble's straight blow dry but I'm always looking for tools to combat the frizz!

    I have seen another blogger paint the inside of her windows black like the ones in the office pic above and it's really stunning. Such a beautiful space!


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