Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Toast to the Human Spirit

"You are a diamond, darling.  They can't break you."  ~ Unknown

Have you ever received news so exciting that it rose up from your toes, tingled through your body and radiated from your hair as pure happiness?  Gratitude and happiness, to be exact.  My news came to me yesterday afternoon in the form of a text from my mom containing three little words:

Heather walked today!

As some of you know, my sister and her children were involved in a head-on collision involving a drunk driver in December.  Once the shock wears off and you know everyone is alive, you find yourself compartmentalizing the injuries of your loved ones.  You almost have a mental check list as each surgery is completed and each little hurdle is overcome.  Heather's injuries were most severe and  it seemed every tiny victory was then followed by a giant hurdle for her to overcome.

So, after three months, six surgeries, kidney failure, a staph infection that risked taking her leg and many tears, my strong like bull little sister took her first steps.  Her attitude, patience and incredible calm are a testament to the human spirit.  She has handled this traumatic experience with grace and I am truly inspired by her.

Have the best day ever!



  1. So happy to hear! Hoping the victories keep coming!

  2. This is such awesome news Lisa! Thanks for sharing with us ;)

    1. I know! Isn't it exciting?! I am so happy for her!


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