Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Art Crush || Dario Moschetta

"Techniques vary.  Art stays the same."  ~ Claude Monet

Have you been on Saatchi Art yet?  It is an amazing site dedicated to introducing the masses to talented artists and their work.  One such talent is Dario Moschetta.  I stumbled upon his work last week and fell head over heels.  I will need to save my pennies for such beauty though.  Be sure to check out Dario's other spectacular pieces.  I know you will love them.

I love so many types of paintings but nudes are at the top of the list.  I look for them constantly while shopping.  The human body is so beautiful, especially when enveloped in a blurry veil of mystery.  

Last month, I purchased a great male nude while in the Heights.  It was large and in charge with varying shades of pink.  I loved it but the subject's man center was completely freaking my kids out, so sadly he had to go back.  We have agreed that I can bring the birthday suit into the house as long as their stuff is covered.  I think that is a fair compromise.

Have the best day ever!



  1. I've never heard of the site but will definitely check it out :) :)

  2. Glad I could tell you about it. There is so much to choose from, you could be there for days!


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