Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Design Resource || Area-Houston

"I deeply believe that a beautiful decor can have a beneficial influence on our lives." 
 ~ Albert Hadley

I recently took the day to explore some of the design resources we have in Houston.  I have lived here almost five years and am still amazed at the plethora of fantastic decor in this city.  

Area is a beautiful, light-filled store filled to the brim with European antiques, furnishings, accessories and art from local talents .  It is a handsome space with expertly arranged vignettes throughout that cleverly mix old and new.  

If you find yourself in Houston and love the combination of elegance and warmth, Area should definitely be on your must-see list.  I can't wait to go back myself to visit with Daniel, David and my middle finger sculpture.  {the latter will make sense in a few moments.}

David and Daniel in front of this spectacular piece by local artist Stacy McNair.

 A beautiful coffee table styling that caught my eye.  I find Peter Beard so fascinating, don't you?

I am loving this combination of glamour and warm rustic elements.

 In case you are looking for horn accessories, they have you covered.

 The middle finger sculpture is now on my wish list.  Perhaps, I could mount it on my dashboard. ;)(Andrew, you have a birthday coming.  I think you would love this piece of goodness for my office, wouldn't you? ;)

A warehouse behind the store contains treasures awaiting restoration.   The owner travels the globe several times a year to bring back statement pieces such as these busts. I could not get over how detailed and interesting they are.  I would put one in the center of my dining table.

Could you just die?!  If this isn't perfection; I don't know what is.

Have the best day ever!


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