Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Vintage Fever

"Furnish your room for conversation and the chairs will take care of themselves."  
~ Sibyl Colefax

Somewhere along my hunt for the perfect side chairs, I fell hopelessly for all mid-century furniture. I have a special place in my heart for Milo Baughman and keep going back to the perfection of his chrome|upholstered mix.  It has spurred me along to educate myself on the many designers and styles of that time but it has also hindered my efforts in completing the living room.  Trying to find the exact right chairs at the exact right price has left me with a beauty hangover.

While I know it would be much easier to buy new reproductions, something keeps pulling me back to vintage.  I don't feel you will ever find a new piece with the character of the old.  I have had a difficult time convincing my clients of this, however.  Let's call it "living in a suburban box." 

[Ashley Stark's Manhattan home has been a longtime source of inspiration.]

[Jackie Astier's stunning and sculptural living room.]
[Rita Hazan's sultry apartment.]

[The spectacular home of Cameron Diaz designed by Kelly Wearstler.]

I am almost 100% certain we need swivel chairs in that space.  These babies are my ultimate.  I love the soft lines, crisp upholstery and sexy gold base.  I am awaiting a price, so we will see! {fingers crossed}

1|3|5|7| all amazing chairs available on 1st Dibs, of course!

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    1. Do you mean Rita Hazan's place? It does look the same. :)


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