Monday, April 14, 2014

Gorgeous Gramercy

"I'm not gonna take no for an answer.  So, I fully expect confrontation."  ~ Jeff Lewis

"Flipping Out" is one of the few reality shows I watch these days.  I have gotten attached to the eclectic mix of personalities and get a kick out of Jeff's snarky sense of humor.  This season has been especially good catching glimpses of the spectacular  3,730 square foot home Jeff and partner Gage recently renovated and decorated.  Prepare to drool.....

 This all-white kitchen is perfection.

 The home was built by famed architect Wallace Neff in 1937.  Mr. Neff was a popular choice for many celebrity homes of the time, most notably Pickfair.  During renovations, they were careful to keep the original integrity of the house intact.  The results are a breathtaking combination of modern day meets old Hollywood.  

The home was put back on the market in July because Jeff wants to re-establish himself as a real estate flipper.  I have a feeling the episodes featuring this beauty are limited. {sniff, sniff}

 Pale grays, chocolate and cream make this bedroom a serene retreat.

Marble for days. That tub with that view?!  I would never leave.....ever.

This is the classiest and most anally organized closet I have ever seen.

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The rooms are classically masculine with a neutral palette. This allows the graphic elements found in the flooring and wall coverings to really take center stage.  In a word - stunning.

Have the best day ever!

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