Friday, April 18, 2014

Gratitude + Happy Easter

"The struggle ends when gratitude begin."  ~ Neale Donald Walsh

After I picked the girls up from school, I began to slowly and painfully iron {oh, how I hate ironing!} the pale pink drapery panels I picked up on a whim yesterday.  After three panels my eyes began to cross.  I looked up from my chore and was filled with an overwhelming gratitude for the beautiful home we have, our healthy daughters, my loving husband, the fact that my sister, nieces and nephew survived a horrific accident, that Mom will visit soon, my fun girlfriends, my awesome clients, that I have the luxury of pursuing my dream and, heck, even that I can buy drapes on a whim.  I am also grateful that you take time out of your busy day to read my little ol' blog.  Thank you.

photo by: Lisa McGough

Easter is coming in a few days.  There is a sense of renewal on this day that Jesus Christ rose again and returned to Heaven after sacrificing himself for our sins.  That is the ultimate love for which I am most grateful.  I wish you all a spectacular Easter and weekend!


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