Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Hardworking Bed

"Everything in a bedroom should contribute to an atmosphere of peace."  ~ Billy Baldwin

I was flipping through my current issue of House Beautiful and came to their "I Love My Bed" feature.  It is interesting to see the many different styles and what brings comfort to people in their most personal space.  

This got me thinking about my own bed and bedroom style.  I began with a calming palette of soft gold, cream and white.  It has been a S.L.O.W years slow. I only recently started adding color and layering. They say the master bedroom is always the last to be decorated.  In my own home and that of clients, I find this to be true.  It's crazy, actually.  Our bedroom should be a retreat - a safe place to recharge after a hard day, therefore, a higher priority. The modern bedroom has become a place for sleep, romance, work, catching up, reading, television, and eating.{although, I know Andrew could do without my pretzel habit.} We expect a lot from this room yet give it little time to make it beautiful.

Our bed

I am currently decorating a client's master which had not been touched, ever.  They already have large, dark furniture that they are keeping.  I proposed a serene pale gray and white with touches of smoky blue to lighten things up and create a cozy respite.  

Have the best day ever!


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