Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Weekend + Mother's Day

"My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it."  ~ Mark Twain

I was introduced to a yummy wine called Moscato recently.  It is sparkling and light - the perfect drink for summertime.  This recipe for Pink Moscato Sangria looks refreshing, delicious and pink (which is always perfect).

I have so many favorite Etsy shops that sell art. I especially love April's work because she has so many iconic ladies painted in a unique, happy way.  I will be re-decorating my daughter's room shortly and thought of doing a gallery wall of her work.

OH.MY.GOSH!!!  I have loved seeing the results from the One Room Challenge.  I am dying over all this amazing talent!  I am still sifting through the list of blogs but what I have seen so far is knocking my socks off.  Great job!

One of the best parts of living in sweltering H-Town is being able to justify buying several swimsuits. One of the worst parts of living in sweltering H-Town is staying in shape to wear these several swimsuits. Nonetheless, my kids expect me to hang with them in the sunshine, so if I must... I just received this bikini which was inspired by vintage French swimwear and it is the cutest.  I love the rich color and feminine tulle detail.  Très chic!

I LOVE brunch.  The thought of being able to pile my plate high with eggs benedict, salad and rich chocolate mousse makes me all tingly inside.  Brunch is my favorite, repeat favorite, dining experience.  If my mom were close, {sniff, sniff} I would take her to a swanky brunch experience at the Houstonian.  But, alas, she is 2,000 miles away so I cannot.  If you are thinking of whipping up some delicious dishes for your mama on Sunday, take a peek at Martha's ideas.  She has many mouth-watering recipes sure to show your love and appreciation.

Have a beautiful Mother's Day!

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