Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy Weekend!

"Tension is who you think you should be.  Relaxation is who you are."  ~ Chinese Proverb

I have been wanting a set of agate coasters  Okay, maybe for the last year but it feels like a long time.  My friend Cheryl and I have spotted them everywhere and at every price point...except a reasonable one.  Well, my patience was rewarded when I found these green beauties.  They should be here soon!

The weather gets HOT and HUMID up in these parts, so cute, cool hairstyles are a must.  I loved Anna's super easy tutorials for summer hair.  My girls and I will be trying these out pronto!

I can't pass up anything that is monogrammed.  This simple cake stand is almost as perfect as the treat inside.  It would also make a thoughtful, lovely gift for all those cake lovers out there. 

I do have a weakness for lamps.  I do not have a place for this beauty but thought I would share it in case you were looking.  It's handsome lines would be spectacular in a gentleman's study.

I told you a while back I was making my through Gossip Girl while working out.  It seems they are always having these extravagant brunches with the most delicious of spreads.  I have noticed yummy Eggs Benedict more than once and it has me thinking of making our own weekend brunch. I found this recipe recently.  It looks amazingly rich and fattening which is the only way to really enjoy brunch.  I will make it on Sunday and then me and my extra five pounds will report back to you next week. ;)

Have a beautiful weekend!

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