Thursday, July 31, 2014

Designer Crush || Peter Dunham

What I love is places that closely reveal their owners' passions. 
Peter Dunham

Did you read the interview Peter Dunham gave in the current issue of House Beautiful?  Could he be any more charming?  I just know we would become fast friends while chatting about our mutual love of textiles and good lighting.  His 550 square foot apartment is a well traveled little treasure trove. One word comes to mind while taking in this eclectic haven - joyful.  Joyful from the sun drenched pink walls to the combination of magnificent patterns.  One can't help but smile...

The designer at home.

 The lovely living room is an exciting mixture of fabrics and textiles.  I cannot get enough of his fresh Fig Leaf print.

 A close up of the beautiful vintage ottoman.

 I am a sucker for a Saarinen table.  It is gorgeous paired with rush side chairs.

Shades of blue.

The walls in the cozy bedroom are upholstered in his dreamy Bukhara fabric.

P.S. - Peter, give me a call if you want to meet for coffee. ;)

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